It Can Only Be Mine!!!

                                My Questions!

1.) If you were stranded on an island what would you do?

2.) If you were to live underwater, what or who would you bring with you?

3.) If you were to pick, where would you want to live in?

a) Underground

b) In a turtle's shell

c) In a jar

3.) Which fast food restaurant do you like best?

a) McDonald's

b) Wendy's

c) Burger King

4.) Which job would you most likely to have?

a) Police

b) Nurse

c) Millionaire

5.) Who would you like to meet?

a) Barack Obama

b) Lady Gaga

c) Chris Brown


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      I can't tell you my personal stuff, but I can tell simple things about me. Well, for one thing I like to laugh...A lot! I am also creative. I have many friends. Sometimes I can be funny. Some guys think that I'm mean,but most people think that I'm nice. But I think that over the summer people change. A lot!



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